Jan 02 08

New Machine Quilting Magazine and Ta-Done!


A new machine quilting magazine called “Machine Quilting Unlimited” has just debuted and I wanted to blog about it because I think this looks pretty good. It is geared toward the home machine quilter and has articles for quilters using the traditional sit-down push-through quilting technique and also for quilters using a small frame system. It’s aiming to reach quilters using a home domestic sewing machine or one of the many midarm machines on the market. This applies to the vast majority of quilters out there, so you should give this magazine a look-see. The premiere issue just arrived last week, and I was happy with it. It’s in full color, on heavy paper, and my camera didn’t do the greatest job capturing color, but here’s an example of the photography of a beautifully colorful quilt by Kit Robinson on page 48:


I have an article in there about stitching feathers and all kinds of feather embellishments:


…and there are all kinds of other interesting articles in there! It’s available by subscription only and if you’re interested, here’s the address:

In other news, I had many requests to teach a class using the pansy wall hanging from the YouTube tutorial, but I needed to revise my pattern to make the fusing part easier. This is part of the challenge of a class-you are so limited by time that you really have to come up with something a person can make quickly that will teach them the desired skills, but it’s also got to be interesting enough that people will want to make it! I just made a new class sample from a revised pattern and here is a closeup:


On this one, I did a bit of additional thread painting around the purple area and I’m hoping these photos will show you the progression. Here’s the TOP only with the first pass of purple thread coming out of the pansy center:


I then went back with a 2nd thread, this time a purpley/burgandy color, and then I went back in with a 3rd color that was magenta. This makes it a bit more interesting to have these colors blending:


While it was still just a quilt top, I did all my threadwork on the leaves:


This is what the back of the top looks like when you’ve gotten to this point:


Next, you put it into the final quilt sandwich and beginning in the very center, outline all of your thread work with invisible thread, and this will begin to show the wonderful dimensions that the trapunto creates. Here it is sitting under the machine after the outlining step. Remember, it will “puff out” even more once the area AROUND the pansy has been quilted:


And here’s the finished wall hanging once the background is quilted:


And here’s a close up of the background quilting:


Every time I make something with trapunto, I feel so impressed by how much interest it adds to a quilt…if you haven’t tried this yet, give it a shot because it’s really fun!


  1. Maggie Says:

    Hey Patsy! Your Pansy is wonderful!!! Is the background quilting on one of your DVDs? It’s sooo pretty!

    Again,thank you for sharing with us. You are an inspiration!

    Maggie Hawk

  2. Edith Says:

    Hi Patsy,
    Love to look at the magazine. Could you point be in the right direction for ordering or subscribing please. As usual love the work that you do and I did miss you when you weren’t blogging
    Cheers Edith
    Latrobe Tasmania Australia

  3. Karen Says:

    I don’t know how I stumbled across your blog but WOW I’m certaily glad I did. Your artwork, (quilts,quilting just doesn’t do justice to your fantastic work)just wowed me. Your techniques are quite inspiring(I”m just starting to venture into the ‘free-motion’ aspect of quilting) and your color sense is so refreshing. Thanks so much for being so generous in sharing your talents and techniques! You go girl!!!! I’ll be keeping watch on a regular basis now that you’re right on my favorites toolbar.
    Much respect and appreciation.
    Karen, Ontario, Canada

  4. Edward OLeary Says:

    Would like to get new magazine. How ???? Your work looks GREAT ED

  5. Edward OLeary Says:

    Found how to get magazine. Just type in Title of Magazine and Meander Publishing LLC will come up and follow the steps. ED

  6. Stephanie Thalman Says:

    Wow, how do we get a copy of the magazine?

  7. BEATRIZ Says:

    I would like to receive the magazine here in Barcelona (Spain) what have I to do? I type ove the title of the Magazine and I come again to this part of the wev. Please, send me an e-mail on how to do.
    Thanks for such a great info you are publishing! Bea