Mar 12 14

Playin Around

We have been working to develop some digital files for some of the wreaths I’ve free motion quilted over the years.  This has been fun to work on and we’re close to finishing up the first groups of wreaths.  They are all based on a very basic wreath form, and then hyperquilted with different designs.  The most basic of all is a simple “in-lined” feathered wreath.  (Think of in-lining as the opposite of outlining.  It means that you stitch the same motif inside the original plume, except you just do it on a smaller scale:)
In-lining is the most basic hyperquilting design there is, and it works on traditional quilts as well as more contemporary quilts. This next one is called “heart in-lining.”  In this one, a heart-like shape is stitched inside each plume.  Here’s a version with high contrast threads:
…and here’s the same wreath in a  white on white format.  It looks good in a  traditional setting as well:
This next one is called the Splay of Fireworks Hyperquilting Design.  We altered this in a very subtle way and I would never have the patience to add this fine detail if I were stitching it manually:
If you look closely at this next close up shot, you can probably see the subtle addition we made:
Can you see it now?  We added a tiny little dot at the end of each splay!  I would never have the patience to quilt that manually!  Here’s what this one looks like in the white on white format:
Notice that I skipped the stitching sequence for the inner plumes.  I love the way you can play with leaving out portions to give a wreath a whole new look!  Next up is the asymmetric curley cue wreath.  This one is my personal favorite:
I ended up enlarging this one to the largest size I could stitch on my Bernina 830 and I got this 10 in diameter wreath:
You can’t really see it in the photo, but the inner plume HQ is done in a different thread color than the outer plume hyperquilting.  I really like how this white on white version came out when I left out the inner plume hyperquilting sequence:
Oh my!  There is something about the simplicity of these white on white wreaths that just makes my heart skip a  beat!  This last wreath still needs a little tweaking, but here’s the preliminary stitch out:
This next shot is the last wreath after only the 2nd stitching sequence has been done…I kinds like this one’s simplicity:
Can you tell I have a bit of a love affair with feathered wreaths?  I never tire of playing with these!


  1. SewCalGal Says:

    I have a love affair too. Just need more practice to catch up with you.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I look forward to seeing what you create with these beautiful wreaths. Absolutely lovely.



    I will not live long enough to master what you have done here. I’m 58 and have just started learning how to quilt. I have done hand quilting on a very simple baby blanket, but have never tried machine quilting like you have done here. It’s absolutely breathtaking. Especially the colored ones!

  3. Carol J Says:

    So many variations! I must say that the white-on-white is very appealing 🙂

    Your work is so inspiring, and I adore feathers… so I can see some feathered wreaths coming soon lol

    Thank you so much Patsy, I have learned a lot from you!