Jun 03 14

Work in Progress

This afternoon’s fun:
Still have a ways to go but I’m liking all this texture so far…


  1. Leeanne Says:

    Lovely, lovely! I am guess this is the back?

  2. Karen Miller Says:

    You know I’m drooling over it Patsy — fantastic!! Love, Love, Love!!! Tell us more!

  3. Laura Davies Says:

    Love it!

  4. Sally Says:

    Wonderful! Looks so elegant.

  5. peggy Says:

    So cool. Brava

  6. Leslie McNeil Says:

    soooo pretty in white. delightful indeed.

  7. Linda Erickson Says:

    Oh Patsy, that is stunning!

  8. Shirl Says:

    From a 76+ yr old who is learning …… “when I grow up”, I’d be satisfied to be able to FMQ just half as good as you!! This is absolutely beautiful.

  9. Sally Bramald Says:

    I love the heavy background quilting, it makes the feather rings stand out so much more!