Jul 30 14

Merrily Quilting Tote Bags

Remember back when I posted about making a quilted purse/tote that featured machine embroidery applique for Babylock Tech:



I needed to make a few more samples in different colorways/fabric styles, so my first one up was in traditional fabrics and in pinks:



I am really liking this notion of “framing scenes” as in that center section.  I used the new Hobbs Tuscany wool/cotton blend batting for this one and I am in love with the texture it creates.  Here are some close ups of it:






I love all that texture!  Since I was trying to create a variety of styles/colors of purse/totes, I made one in yellows/greys/blacks.  Here’s what the front section looked like:



Here’s what it looks like from the backside:


…and then I went back in and hyperquilted those side feather things:


My next one is my current favorite.  It’s a grey background with purple flowers and I think this quilting came out the best:


Here’s what it looked like with just the bare bones of a frame started:


…and here are what the lower corners look like:


…and the upper corners:


And this is the whole center section:


Grey is a very popular color now and it has never been a favorite of mine.  Working with this grey and purple has been fun, though, and I may be a new convert!


  1. Linda Erickson Says:

    Looks like you and Georgette are having a wonderful time!

  2. Patti P Says:

    These are great. I too love that gray. I went looking for it in your shop. What’s this fabric?

  3. Angie Says:

    wow! absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Valerie Smith Says:

    Ooh – these give me great ideas. You are always an inspiration. I especially love that feathery fill in the background on the pink tote…beautiful! 🙂