Aug 03 14

More Block Play

I’ve been playing around some more, coming up with a few more block options for this group of blocks that stem from my original Pennsylvania Amish block concept.  These are blocks of varying sizes that all work well together in that shapes are repeated in different ways, so there is a common theme.  As I’m coming up with new block options, they are done in different colorways, so all these particular blocks are not intended to be used together in the same quilt.  This has been a fun thing to play with from my end.  This first group of blocks are derived from PA Amish Block #1.  Let’s call this block the PA Amish #1Parent Block:
This next block is child block #1:
Child Block #2 is the same as child block #1 except that the block design is set differently on the block:
(I don’t know about you, but I much prefer child #2.)  And last but not least, here is grandchild #1:
Now this next set of blocks are derived from a related but different block that I’m calling PA Dutch Block #2 Parent Block:
Child #1 is:
…and Grandchild #1 is:
That last block is much prettier in real life than in this photo.  The flowers are all made in purples and blues but the photo doesn’t distinguish between these colors.  (The background is grey, too, my new experimental color.)  Do you see that blank space in the center of the block?  If you know me, you know it won’t stay blank for long!  The nice part about the way I do MEA is that it allows me the freedom to “drop” any design into whatever place on a block that I wish.  in this case, it would be very easy to plop a trapuntoed quilt design (stitched on the embroidery machine) right into that empty space…stay tuned!
Anyway, I am having some fun with these and a number of quilted projects are in my head.  Wish I had more time to just play wound like this…


  1. Sue Says:


  2. Diane Evans Says:

    Wow, Patsy — I’m simply in awe of your creative energy! Have you found an extra few hours in the day?? These blocks are wonderful — they’ll make great beginnings of quilts, and I love your color choices. Keep ’em coming!


  3. Karen Miller Says:

    Patsy your designs reproduced in wool would be beautiful (for us non machine embroidery type 😉 Thanks for always inspiring — I just LOVE your work. Karen

  4. Lorie Bugaiski Says:

    Wow! They are beautiful! Can’t wait to see it done!

  5. 2ne Says:

    Love your blocks – great colours too 🙂

  6. Valerie Smith Says:

    I always leave your blog wanting to pull out all my hot vibrant fabric colors and wanting to play!!! You have such great unique taste. I love all of the blocks and I particularly like the gray background fabric of the last one… 🙂