Sep 05 14

Dropping a Center Design Into a Quilt Block

I am furiously quilting Big Red to try and finish this monster in time to turn it in next week.  This leaves little time for anything else, but I did get a little time with my embroidery machine earlier this week.  This time it was to play more with the block I am calling “Flirty Flower Quartet Block” but instead of creating it in 4 hoopings, the main part of the block was done in 2 hoopings and in the 3rd hooping, a quilting design was dropped into the center. Here is what the finished block looks like:


(Please ignore the crosshairs and jump stitches; I haven’t removed any of them yet.)  That center design was added as a trapunto layer.  Here’s a closeup of it when only the crescent outlines were stitched:


It’s hard to see because the thread and background fabric are so close, but there is a chain of pearls inside those crescents:


…and here’s a close up of the whole center design:


This shot of the backside below shows the batting for the trapunto layer.  (The other pieces of white that you see are pieces of  stabilizer that still need to be cut away.)


This is the first time I’ve ever worked with this color (gold) but all in all, I’m happy with the way this block is turning out.


One Comment

  1. Diane Evans Says:

    This is stunning, Patsy. Were these designs digitized on a computer and then transferred into your sewing machine? And would you tell me (again) which machine you’re using for this?

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!