Sep 10 14

My Thistle Garden Quilt – Finally Done!

I have many friends who routinely leave projects to the last minute and seem to be very comfortable working in that way.  I have always been the type to finish early, just in case a dog might eat my homework or some other calamity might arise. I have done little other than work on this quilt for the last 10 days.  It was completed in the middle of the night last night and there was no time for blocking or even making  proper label, but I met the deadline and it was handed in earlier today.  I’m never working like this again!  Here are some photos:
The quilt blocks/borders were all embroidered/appliqued on my Babylock Ellisimo embroidery machine.  It was an original design that went through many changes as I added new borders to the quilt and discarded other border designs that were lovely but simply did not work well aesthetically.  The final quilt top was quilted on my Pfaff sewing machine (about 1/3) and on my George sit-down machine (about 2/3).  I learned a TON of new things in the process of making this quilt and will be blogging about this stuff over the coming weeks.  I just LOOOOVVVEEE to free motion quilt!  Thank you, Mom, for sending me to learn how to sew when I was young!!  For any of you out there who have children or grandchildren, please teach them to sew and quilt.  Who would have ever guessed that learning some basic sewing skills many decades ago could bring me so much joy and satisfaction over the course of a lifetime?


  1. Kelly Jackson Says:

    You made such a treasure even under pressure! Way to go Patsy 🙂 Not only is our quilt beautiful…it is inspiring.


  2. Paula Donn Says:

    Congratulations on one of the most stunning quilts I have EVER seen! I mean really! Exquisite.

  3. Joyce Scanes Says:

    I love it….beautiful!!

  4. Janet Hartje Says:

    Gorgeous! Love all the unique stitching.

  5. Duane Wiley Says:

    Such beautiful work, very striking.

  6. Pat in Oregon Says:

    Yowsers, that’s gorgeous!!!!

  7. Hannele Says:

    Gourgeous quilt – congratulations on a fabulous work!

  8. Fleurette Says:

    Oh wow!! how gorgeous – beautiful work!

  9. Sally Bramald Says:

    So happy to see a big quilt made by you, it is lovely!

  10. Carolyn Says:

    Oh Patsy absolutely beautiful work as always. I have just finished your latest class on Craftsy and am feeling so inspired but could never achieve what you are stitching. This large quilt is truly magnificient!

  11. Karen Gonzales Says:


  12. Jean Says:

    The quilt looks gorgeous, Patsy! I so agree with you about the treasure of having learned to sew at a young age…I am so amazed at how much it has affected my life in such a wonderful way!

  13. Jackie Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love the colours, the designs, the embroidery and the quilting. Love, love it!

  14. Barb McKinlay Says:

    That is just breathtaking, Patsy.

  15. Maggie Magee Says:

    It is a wonderful quilt, Patsy!

  16. Brenda R Says:

    I always enjoy seeing what you are working on, Patsy! This one is ultra WOW!

  17. Marjorie Busby Says:

    Patsy, that is so beautiful. I love your designs. And this is one of the best.

  18. Debbie Says:

    Just beautiful !! I would love to know your critique on your George now that you have had it for a few weeks. I am looking at a sit down myself and I am trying to look at different brands so I will feel I made an informed choice .