Jan 28 08

A Girl Can Change Her Mind and Treats in the Mail!

I got the most wonderful box in the mail this weekend! I love to surf the artful quilters’ webring , and I discovered a wonderful blog by Robin Ferrier a year or so ago. She makes beautiful art quilts and is also very generous with information, so her blog has been both educational and full of eye candy! A few months ago, I asked if she would do 2 commission quilts for me, and they arrived this weekend. Here’s a picture that does not come close to doing them justice:


I knew they would look great, but I must tell you that in person, the colors are so much richer than in any pictures! On top of that, her workmanship is wonderful-check out this detail shot of the quilting:


For me, this type of linear quilting is very hard as it makes me tense up, so I have nothing but respect for people who do it well, and Robin sure does! Visit her blog at www.quiltantics.blogspot.com . (Trust me, it will be well worth your time to follow this blog long-term because she is going places!):

In other news, I finished piecing that large blue/green quilt but I changed my mind about my scrap border and ended up using it as my outermost border. Here’s a partial shot of it on my design wall, but it’s so big it won’t fit!


Normally, when I’m making up a quilt with blocks that are set on point, I go through the whole a2 + b2=c2 thing to figure out what size to make my setting triangles and corner triangles… I say thanks in my head to my high school geometry teacher but wish there were an easier way! Well, found out that there really IS an easier way! Check out this website if you ever want quick formulas for figuring all this out:

I used her formulas on this quilt and they worked out great!!

Yesterday, while I was sewing in my studio, Ern was working in his workshop and look at this beautiful pagoda box that he made:


If you look closely at the edge, you’ll see that he actually matched the wood grain as he turned the corner…man, this guy is GOOD! The lid of this box is cool-it’s not flat and I’m not sure how he made all these surfaces so irregular and smooth, but it’s beautiful:


And here’s one last shot of the inside, which is made of the same wood on the lid:



  1. Robin Says:

    Thanks Patsy, It’s so nice of you to post these pictures here. Nice box! Robin

  2. Ros Says:

    That box is so simple and elegant. Someone sure has a feeling for wood!

  3. Jan Says:

    The wood box is awesome! Beautiful workmanship. Also Robin’s quilts are gorgeous. I recently discovered her blog and I agree with you, she is worth watching. I already knew that you are worth watching, and you continue to be so.