Sep 22 14

Free Motion Quilting Over the Weekend



I didn’t get much time to quilt beyond doing some prep work for a demo Ill be doing next weekend at the Asheville Quilt Show in Asheville, NC.  I’ll be talking about and demonstrating how to do hyperquilting and trapunto. There isn’t a ton of time so I figured I should use some pretty simple examples. First up, I’ll show how to hyperquilt a traced stencil design.  We’ll start off with this stencil shape:



…and first just quilt it “the normal way,” except that I’ll do the spine in 1 color and the plumes in another color like this:



You can kind of start to appreciate the difference that hyperquilting makes in this shot where part of the base has been hyperquilted and the other part has not:



Here it is with the plumes all hyperquilted.  I chose this particular stencil because we could do some hyperquilting in the spine as well, but then it hit me there wouldn’t be enough time to do that in the demo, so we’ll stop at this stage:





The next part of the demo will be about trapunto. Here’s a different feathered wreath that has been trapuntoed.  All that’s happened so far is that it has had some “zones” of the wreath outlined with invisible thread and this is causing the zones to stand out and “read” as separate areas of the wreath:



The next step in making the trapunto more obvious is to stitch fairly close to the edge of the wreath. This causes a relative “flattening” of the area just adjacent to the wreath which makes the wreath appear more protuberant.  In this case, I stitched 2 echo lines in lavender thread and this also creates a nice “halo” of color surrounding the wreath:



And in the last phase, the background area is quilted:



If you’re in the Asheville area this weekend, stop by the Asheville Quilt Show as it’s always a great quilt show.  My demo is on Saturday at 3pm and it’s FREE!!!

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  1. Lorie Bugaiski Says:

    Love your work! Can I do the hyperquilted on a long arm machine!

  2. Diane Evans Says:

    Wow, Patsy — how do you get those circles so perfectly round?! This quilting is truly beautiful. Wish I lived closer to Asheville — I’d be in the front row at your demo.