Oct 09 14

A Little Bit of Free Motion Quilting

This is the center of a wall hanging I started over 1 year ago and then it got pushed to the side so I could finish something that had a deadline.  The center block is machine embroidery applique (this is the Floral Serenade Block) and there are a couple of borders are it:



Here’s a close up of the background quilting:



I don’t think that this fill design is as effective here as it could be, and I think it’s because the quilting design is so “fractured” or broken up by all the applique shapes.  Here’s a shot of the same fill design in a larger expanse of “unbroken” area on a different quilt:



Each of the corners in the center block have small triangles of stitching to help “frame” the center block.  Here’s the tippy top of one corner before the feather has been hyperquilted:



…and here’s the same corner after hyperquilting:



(It always surprises me just how much something simple like that can add.)  And here’s the rest of the corner design stitched in:



And here’s a shot of the center block with all the quilting finished:



Now all that’s left is that outer border zone!


  1. Cala Says:

    baie baie mooi!!

  2. Lorie bugaiski Says:

    Great job! Love it and your quilting is beautiful! Hope to get that good some day!

  3. Valerie Smith Says:

    Looks lovely! I do really like that fill for something different, very cool looking!

  4. Eileen Keane Says:

    Patsy, your work is so spectacular! I can’t think of any other word to describe it. I like the background fill with the variegated thread; it adds so much to the whole design.