Nov 10 14

Day 1 of the Machine Embroidery Applique Blog Hop!

Today is day 1 of the machine embroidery  blog hop so kindly sponsored by Kelly Jackson’s I Have a Notion Blog!  That means that for the next 5 days, you can visit a new blog and learn something new about  about machine embroidery and machine embroidery applique!  This will be a little different from a typical machine embroidery blog hop because I have no experience in traditional machine embroidery.  That means that everything you read about this week will either be a machine embroidery applique design or a free motion quilting design that has been stitched on an embroidery machine.  This is all far easier to do than it might seem to be and I promise that I’m not exaggerating!  To add a little more excitement, you can enter for a chance to win a free digitized design of your choice EACH DAY by following the instructions detailed in each blog!  Yep, any downloadable digital design in my store is yours for free if you win, and that means you can choose a single design or you can choose a whole quilt pattern!  As long as it’s downloadable, it’s up for grabs!
Here is the line up for all the blogs this week:
I Have a Notion Blog Mon 11/10/14
Gene Black An Alabama Artist and Quilter Blog 11/11/14
Marjorie’s Quilting Bee Blog 11/12/14
Jean Creates Blog 11/13/14
Sew Cal Gal Blog 11/14/15
I’ll give you a hint about day 1…have you ever dreamed of stitching elegant feathered wreaths like this…
 …then get yourself over to Kelly Jackson’s Blog!!!!


  1. Margaret Watson Says:

    It is hard to pick one. But, I love the feather wreath with trapunto. The busier the wreath the better.

  2. Nancy Price Says:

    First time on your site and all I can say is wow! Now,that I have picked my chin up off the floor love this site!