Jan 22 15

Another Ruler Foot Option for the Babylock Ellisimo and the Brother Quattro


Wow…when it rains, it pours! I got a nice email today from Debbie Wassenaar of thequiltjournal.com blog and she has been using yet another ruler foot on her Babylock Ellisimo!  She is using an open toe ruler foot but the opening is on the left side.  I’m going to assume that this foot was designed for use on a frame system (hence the odd positioning of the opening on the foot) but it will still work for the sit-down quilter.  Again, we are all out there in the same boat, searching for ruler foot options until our sewing machine manufacturers catch up with us, so this is another option if you are still in search of a foot.  You can find her blog post about the  foot (with a photo so you can see it) by clicking here and you can purchase the same foot on ebay.  Thanks for passing along this info, Debbie!  (You should probably bookmark her blog url since she’s posting some great info about free motion quilting!)

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