Mar 09 08

Will Winter Ever End?!

Don’t know about you, but if I never saw another snowflake, it would be ok with me. I always feel very appreciative of spring, but this year, it cannot come soon enough! We drove back to NC a few days ago, narrowly escaping a foot of snowfall that fell only hours after we left. This was on the heels of an 8 hour ice storm, followed by 5 inches of snow, just 2 nights before. But I am in a warmer place now, thinking only springtime thoughts!

On to lighter things…I am finishing up a pattern, and although I can’t show all of it yet, it involves yet another pansy! Here is a closeup of the face:


This pansy has some cross hatched ribbons that frame it, and here’s a picture of a corner of the top only when some of the free motion embroidery has been done:


The inner border of one ribbon was embroidered with spirals:


and another inner ribbon border was embroidered with horizontal flame-like stitches:


And here is a portion of some feathers in the background. This photo shows how much hyperquilting can add-doesn’t that bottom feather look downright boring and lackluster in comparison?!


I have been playing around with ideas for quilting the background of this “scene.” I like that spinning axis family, so I’ve been messing around with “cousins” of this family. In this case, these are designs where plumes again rotate around an axis, but this time, the axis is a stitched motif. I’m pitching this first experiment because these super-long, skinny plumes seem disproportionate to the seashells at the base:


I like the proportions in these next 2 options. One uses the seashell base and the other uses the curley-cue base:



I might use one of those last 2 but I might be able to generate a new “mutant” form of one of them! Once I’ve stitched my idea out, I’ll share it! And I promise another post this week because I FINALLY have some time to spend SEWING!!!!!!


  1. Carol Foort Says:

    I am very impressed with your website. It’s great to see how you are quilting your projects. I will order some of your DVDs some time soon.
    I would like most of them
    from Carol Foort

  2. Randi Says:

    Your designs and quilting are beautiful! Very inspiring.