Apr 02 15


I can’t begin to describe how thrilling it is to watch as a new block design is being stitched out for the very first time!  Seeing the layout and all the special stitching literally come to life in front of your eyes is mind-blowing for me.  Here’s a little slice of what I got to watch unfold in front of me over the last couple days.  First up is after the first hooping:
…and I got even more excited when I saw how it looked after the 2nd hooping:
And here was the scene after the 3rd hooping:
And this next one is after the fourth and fifth  hoopings:
Pretty colorful, huh?  The last 2 hoopings were adding the 3 tail feathers onto each bird.  Here’s hooping 6:
Arghh!!  My photo of the finished block came out really weird!  Dang!  I’ll get some new photos once I have daylight again and I’ll post them later.  I think I only need to make a couple changes and then this block will be done!  Love, love, love how it’s coming out!


  1. QuiltShopGal Says:

    It is fun to see a design become reality with every stitch out. Every step is beautiful, but amazing how those final tail feathers make this block design pop. Gorgeous.


  2. Peggy Finney Says:

    It’s beautiful.