Apr 05 15

I Had to Try It!

If you have followed my blog for awhile, then you’ve probably been waiting for  a post about modifying the Janome ruler foot into an open toe foot for ruler work.  It’s been on my “to-do” list for months but we just now got around to trying it!  I am happy to say that it was very easy to do and works like a charm as an open toe foot.  We could have removed more material than we did, but I wanted my first attempt to be conservative.  (We’ll be more bold on the NEXT foot we modify, and there will be a NEXT foot!!)  With the modification we did, I can actually use all 4 sides of my foot, even running the ruler directly across the opening without causing any distortion of the foot or of the stitched line.  This is because I left my opening fairly small, but the next foot we cut into will have a larger opening so we can test the limits of this modification.
To do this, mount the foot on your machine and then using  a Sharpie marker, mark where the center of the foot is and how wide you want the opening to be.  In my case, I deliberately cut my slit just a tad to the right of center, because I am less likely to have my ruler on that side.  Here’s a shot of my pre-marked foot:
Load your Dremel tool with the “Cut-Off Wheel” as shown below:
Mount the ruler toe into a vice to hold it steady during cutting:
And next you start cutting.  This cut very, very quickly and did not distort the symmetry of the foot at all (this was one of my worries pre-procedure.)  And here it is mounted on my Pfaff:
 I can now SEE my needle and pull my thread tails out of the way.  I am one happy girl, thanks again to a very nice and talented husband!


  1. Jean Says:

    ive yet to get a ruler foot. Need to find one for my Juki. Looks like you did well with the modification. Yay!

  2. Nancy Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I can’t quite tell what it was exactly you did from the photos…did you cut a slit in the center front of the foot? I sew with a Bernina, and understand they are supposed to be coming out with a ruler foot for them, so am anxiously awaiting that!

  3. Lorie Says:

    Love your block!

  4. Gloria Cotten Says:

    I love your inventiveness and courage! Good job! Not sure I am ready to cut my own new toe yet, though I think I would like it better open. I will be watching to see the next installment on your experimenting — do you remember the Life cereal commercial, “Let Mikey try it!”? I will “let Patsy try it” and learn from you!

  5. Peggy Finney Says:

    Bravo for you Patsy. I still have to try ruler work. Thanks for sharing all your tips to us.

  6. Amy Johnson Says:

    We are lucky ladies to have handy husbands. I’ve not felt the need to modify the Janome ruler foot, but I’m so glad it worked for you.