May 24 15

Baby Chevron Quilt

My niece is expecting a new baby in August so I thought I’d get started on a chevron quilt for her.  There are many ways to piece a chevron quilt together and I used the method outlined in Jenny Doan’s YouTube video.  Here you can see strips of it as I was still piecing it together:
I started by cutting my initial squares at 8 1/2 inches square.  That was a little smaller than my last chevron quilt but I still like the size of this one.  Once I got her pieced, I started quilting.  Here are some early shots:
 That design inside the green chevron is created using what I call “featherettes.”  I call them that because they’re kind of “mini-feathers” that emanate from a point instead of from an actual spine.  (I used to call them “stump feathers” but that sounded pretty awful!)  Anyway, these are easy to do inside a shape like this chevron.  The piecing lines are used as the triangle shape that you’re trying to fill with one  featherette.  If you just stretch or contract to fill that triangular space, you’re good to go.  In this next shot, you can see that a bit better:
The chevron below the featherette chevron is a compound/complex chevron where the initial framework is done via ruler work.  There are 7 channels total and only 3 of them are filled.  The shot below is a closeup of that chevron before the center channel had been filled:
 I added in the inchworm design in the center channel and you can get a sense of that in this shot:
I couldn’t get a good shot of it, but the other yellowy-green chevron is filled with one channel of in-lining and then the spikey swirl design:
Did you notice the change in that featherette chevron?  I couldn’t help myself, I had to go back in with another thread and hyperquilt them all!  Here’s a halfway done shot so you can see the difference:
Not sure when I’ll get the chance to finish quilting this baby quilt, but I’m very glad that I’ve made a dent in it!


  1. peggy Says:

    quilt looks great
    did you see this:

    about Missouri Star revitalizing a downtown

  2. Annette Says:

    Love love love the Chevron! Also your color choices will be adored by this baby for years. Can’t wait til my niece tells me she is expecting!

  3. Elsie Bulva Says: