Jul 19 15

Playing Around with Featherettes

This design was made by repeating 3 different featherette designs around a circular spine filled with the feather wave border design:
This is a shot of the basic framework stitched:
In this next shot, you kind of get a sense of what hyperquilting adds to the outermost featherettes.  This shot has some of them hyperquilted and some of them still “naked:”
Now all of the outer featherettes have been hyperquilted but the center-most section is still lacking any design:
I took the easy way out and just stitched basic plumes.  Here it is 3/4 of the way stitched:
and now all the way stitched:
Here’s to better mental health through free motion quilting!


  1. Maria Gardner Says:

    Wow, just beautiful. I know what my next practice session is going to include. Thanks again, Patsy.

  2. Lorie bugaiski Says:

    Wow! Just beautiful!

  3. Amy Johnson Says:

    That’s right! Better mental health through free motion quilting! Kept me sane through some rough times a few years ago.

  4. Duane Wiley Says:

    Love the new design! I’m taking your Craftsy class right now and it is just superior! You are such a wonderful teacher!

  5. Diane Evans Says:

    Gorgeous, Patsy — I wanted to ask: What thread are you using for the quilting? It glows on the background.