Sep 11 15

Still Here

Wow, it’s been 1 1/2 months since my last post.  I guess I bit off more than I could chew and in my efforts to meet all my obligations, I had to let my blog waft in the wind.  Sorry about that, because I know how much I count on other quilting blogs for inspiration.  My schedule should be easing up somewhat so I am hoping to be posting more frequently.
I’ve been very busy and the mess in my sewing room is a testimony to that!  Here are some shots of a small quilt I made using up test blocks from when I was working on a digitized design block.  This first shot shows one side of a border and part of the center section after I’d made my framework using my Quilters Groove Rulers.  It still looks very empty but you’ve got to get your skeleton in place before you can add more stuff:
Notice in that photo above that my arcs don’t actually meet.  I point that out because the design will appear continuous before the stitching is complete.  Here are a couple shots where I’ve begun adding plumes to the arcs:
and here’s one from a different angle:
You can see that I’ve also hyperquilted the center design and all of the 4 middle featherettes in the borders.  I did that to kind of “marry” those design elements to one another.  I was excited to quilt a background fill design inside the circles because I thought it would really “set off” the ruler work but I was disappointed in the final result:
Another perspective:
In the last 4 weeks, I have traveled somewhere every 2-4 days!  That’s a lot of traveling for someone who is a homebody at heart!  I’m really glad to have that much travel behind me and you can expect more postings!


  1. QuiltShopGal Says:

    Glad you are back home and hope you are able to find time to create and enjoy. You were doing quite a bit of traveling. Love what you created. Definitely the rulers help to create some beautiful FMQ designs that compliment your MEA. Absolutely gorgeous.


  2. Gloria Cotten Says:

    Welcome back! I missed you! I am glad you are still producing such beautiful work and sharing it with us!

  3. Peggy Says:

    Those flowers are gorgeous…incredibly done as always!

  4. Maria Gardner Says:

    Welcome back. I love the design, and the quilting, as always, is superb.

  5. Marjorie Says:

    Love your new designs and your quilting. I think the elements work together beautifully. It’s good to be settling into normal I’m sure.

  6. Amy Johnson Says:

    Looks fabulous! Love the use of rulers. I can’t imagine doing as much travelling as you do! Amazing.

  7. Julie Hertel Says:

    Glad you are back! Hope you take time to enjoy yourself and refresh your energy and creativity. Your design work is phenomenology.

  8. Diane Evans Says:

    Gosh, I think this is so beautiful, Patsy — I’m sorry that you were disappointed in the final result of the background quilting. I think it’s extraordinary. Did you do this on George? Your precision is enviable. Glad you found time to have some fun amid all the travel.