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Class Review: Craftsy’s Class Called Machine Quilting with Rulers on a Home Machine by Amy Johnson

amys ruler class


If you haven’t yet had the chance to watch Amy Johnson’s new Craftsy class about machine quilting with rulers, this class is great!  That really shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Amy has been teaching us free motion quilting skills and techniques on her blog for some time now.  Her new class is the first chance to really submerge yourself in Amy’s easy-going style for an extended series of lessons, and I found it to be a guilty indulgence for binge-watching!  Her voice is calm and reassuring and puts you at ease from the start.  I don’t know about you, but when the teacher seems “human” and down-to-earth, it’s much easier to “connect” and really “hear” what is being said and taught.


amys ruler work


As a loyal follower of Amy’s blog (click here to be directed to her blog), I wondered if there would be enough new info in her Craftsy class to make it worthwhile.  Rest assured that you will definitely get your money’s worth in signing up for this class!  Amy does all the demos on a home sewing machine so no matter what machine you are working on, this is all free motion quilting that is within your grasp!  This is what I would call a soup-to-nuts class in the sense that if you’ve never tried ruler work before, you’ll have all you need to start from the very beginning, but if you’ve already played with rulers, there’s a lot of great information for the experienced ruler quilter as well.  She shows how to create many different designs, from basic to difficult, including designs like curved crosshatching:


amys curved cross hatching

I feel personally indebted to Amy because I was really struggling to do ruler work as a sit-down quilter using “improvised” ruler feet that really didn’t work well and honestly weren’t even safe to use.  Through Amy’s generous information on her blog, I felt reassured and inspired that this technique could really be done, and done well, on a home sewing machine.  She also spear-headed getting valuable info out to the masses about different options for ruler feet.  I am happy to say that learning to do ruler work as a sit-down quilter has breathed new life into this free motion quilter and I owe much of that to Amy.  Amy is a friend of mine but I am heartily endorsing this class because it really is good!  Click here to sign up for this skill-building class!


Remember…ruler work rules!




  1. Gloria Cotten Says:

    Good review, Patsy! I totally agree !!

  2. Brenda Estes Says:

    Great class!

  3. Ferne Says:

    I had been following her blog and even bought 2 rulers and the foot that I needed then I froze and they sat for almost a year. I signed up for her Craftsy class and watched the whole thing right away…well, now I am off and running and feeling very comfortable with the whole set up. I can’t stop thinking of what else I can quilt. Looks like some of my tops will actually get quilted!

  4. Amy Johnson Says:

    Awwww…..shucks! Thanks!

  5. Pat Says:

    This is what I consider the best thing about the quilting community. Technically, you and Amy are both teachers/educators and trying to reach the same audiences. The fact that you are praising a fellow teacher shows truly how lovely our community is. I’m so proud to be a quilter, and I hope more of our younger sisters and brothers will join us.