Sep 27 15

Our New Free Motion Quilting DVD is Here!


resized Ruler Work for the Sit Down Quilter Front Cover

It’s finally here!  Our Ruler Work for the Sit-Down Quilter is back from the replicators and ready for purchase in our online store, and hopefully, soon to be available from a quilt shop near you!  The goal of this DVD is to teach you the mechanics of how to do ruler work as a sit-down quilter AND to teach you some free motion quilting design ideas/skills to fill in or complement that ruler work.  The demos are done on several different home sewing machine makes/models as well as on an APQS George sit-down long-arm machine.   I also demo with multiple ruler feet, so you’ll get an idea of what options are out there and what you might like about each type.  You don’t need to be an expert free motion quilter to do ruler work, even a beginner free motion quilter can do this!  You’ll feel a bit like a fish out of water when you first start working with rulers, but the learning curve on this is much, much faster than with regular free motion quilting.  Honestly, this is just fun, fun, FUN!


If you’d like to watch a preview video clip of what’s covered on this DVD, here you go:




I was surprised by how few people actually guessed correctly about what the announcement was going to be, and it makes me wonder if we’ll even be able to sell any of this new DVD since so few people saw it coming!  The winner of the announcement give- away was Donna, who entered the give away on 9/18/15.  Congratulations, Donna!



  1. Sandy Says:

    Gosh, considering how well-done your other DVDs are, Patsy, I’m amazed we didn’t all think of this! LOL!

  2. QuiltShopGal Says:

    Congratulations. This is so exciting. I’m thrilled you’ve created a DVD workshop for ruler work. Yeah!


  3. Diane Evans Says:

    Congratulations! I’m heading to your shop to order mine. BTW, is there a pattern or download for the quilt square pictured at the end of this post? It’s gorgeous!


  4. Laura P in NH Says:

    This looks like just what I’ve been looking for ~ I want both: tips on how to frame the quilting and the motifs to go along with it. I’m going to treat myself to my first quilting DVD:) I love your blog BTW and all your quilting inspiration.

  5. Marylyn J Says:

    Just the inspiration I needed!

  6. Marietta Walker Says:

    Hi there,

    I am taking your Craftsy class. Does this DVD offer the same content or is it different?

    Marietta Walker