Oct 01 15

Ruler Feet Update




It is so nice to have such a positive response to our DVD called “Ruler Work for the Sit-Down Quilter!”  This is such a fun technique and it really can transform your quilting.  I’m receiving a lot of questions about ruler feet.  We are pretty much all in the same boat here, because very few machine manufacturers have come out with ruler feet, so we’re all looking to improvise.  I really can only give advise about what I’ve tried myself, but we just posted a new YouTube video that shows how I was able to use 5 different ruler feet on my Brnina 830, and none of the 5 was designed to be used on the Bernina 830!  I hope this gives some of you hope that you can find a foot that works because you probably can!  I am personally quite fond of the Westalee feet now and found that I could use the low, medium, and high shank Westalee ruler feet on my 830.  We have begun selling all 3 sizes in our online store and you can find them by clicking here.

Here’s the video on ruler feet for the Bernina 830:


  1. Amy Humphries Says:


    Do you know what ruler foot would work on a Juki f600?

  2. Jean Says:

    Great video, Patsy! Thanks so much for comparing all of those feet on the 830!

  3. Carolyn Langley Says:

    Hi Amy I was wondering if you would know which foot would work for a Pfaff Inspiration machine?

  4. Amy Johnson Says:

    Patsy! Great job on the videos!

    So if I understand this correctly, Bernina machines have a huge range of foot height based on the presser foot pressure settings which is why so many of these different height feet can work on them.

    I can see the benefit of using the medium Westalee foot for greater versatility with different rulers based on what you’ve shown.

    My big question is why the different feet hop if you are telling the machine that they’re all the #9 foot? The machine doesn’t know what foot is on there, so why hop with some and not with others? Is it a function of what height/pressure settings for the presser foot pressure? I’m guessing since you have to raise the foot to a high level to get the high shank feet to fit the #77 ‘low shank adapter’ that it doesn’t have any height left to hop up?

    Very interesting!

  5. Debbie@The Quilt Journal Says:

    Great video for Bernina owners- full of wonderful info on ruler feet options! Congrats on the new video too!!