Oct 02 15

A New Craftsy Class, Another Give-Away, and Some Drool-Worthy Quilting!

A few weeks ago, we had a DVD give-away if people could guess what my next big announcement would be.  Many of you guessed that the pending announcement would be that I had a new Craftsy class about to debut.  THAT announcement back then was about our new DVD release of “Ruler Work for the Sit-Down Quilter Vol 1.”  Today, I’m happy to say that today’s announcement is for my new Craftsy class called “Ultimate Free Motion Feathers!”
This class isn’t quite ready to debut yet, but it’s coming really soon, like in about 1 1/2 weeks.  I am happy to say that if you’ve already seen all 4 of our DVDs on feathers, or read our book called Feather Adventures, there will be some new info here so it will be worth your time and money.  I’m excited about this class because I think you will really, really, like it!  So, beginning right now, we’re having a give-away of this class and to enter you need to post a comment to this blog posting telling me what kinds of things, in the world of quilting and machine embroidery, you are interested in learning going forward.  I am hoping to use your comments to get an idea of what topics/skills you are hoping to learn/develop, so share, share and share your ideas!  Please spread the word to all your friends as well and be sure to post your comment/entry to this blog post  by 11:50 PM EDST on Sunday, Oct  11th, 2015.
This has been probably the craziest/busiest last 2 months of my life in a long time and I haven’t had a whole lot of time to quilt myself.  Sometimes we have to get vicarious thrills by looking at stunning quilting by others and I am a total sucker for this kind of “eye candy.”  In case you haven’t had the good fortune to check out this blog, I’m going to give you 2 links that will get your heart beating fast.  This first link will take you to a specific blog post of Kelly Cline’s where she quilts a top composed of 20 hankies and the result is stunning!  Here’s the link to that post.  Next up is a link to Kelly Cline’s blog because you’re going to want to follow this talented quilter going forward because her work is lovely!  Here’s the link to her blog home page.
I am SOOOO looking forward to getting some quilting done this weekend so I’m going to get going.  Happy quilting to all of you as well!


  1. Pat Converse Says:

    What I most want to learn is how to come up with a design to fit a project. I usually end up using a pantograph because I can’t quite figure out how to make designs to fit specific spaces that look good. I know, keep practicing, practicing, practicing!

  2. Marietta Walker Says:

    Oh how I want to learn. I am so frustrated right now with my shoulder surgery keeping me from really having enough time, but Craftsy class are so awesome. During the down tie, I watch a lot of Craftsy class videos, including the hyper-quilting one and I am so bubbling over with ideas that incorporate the hyper-quilting, the ruler classes, and the FMQ. It does not matter if I win the class or not. I and I am sure everyone above will purchase it if they can. I am so enamored of you and your mad skills, I cannot wait to get there.

  3. Quilthugger Says:

    I love your use of color. I would love for you to do a fabric dying class with color theory, including choosing thread colors. Craftsy is a great platform for teaching. I’m looking forward to your class!

  4. Erzsebet Szalay Says:

    I love your work and your last Craftsy class. I would be happy to win the new one. I would love to hear your method of actually designing the quilts and the amazing quilting designs. Keep up the great work!

  5. Diana Barry Says:

    Love your work and definitely want to try to the line tamer.

  6. Judy Bauckham Says:

    I still struggle with the machine quilting design work. The rulers should help to “divide and conquer” the quilting area.

  7. Kathie Blehm Says:

    I’m a new quilter. To my way of thinking I could use all the help I can get. I have seen your work on youtube its awesome. Thanks

  8. Jane Quilts Says:

    I am trying to improve my FMQ skills on my Bernina Artista 730, and have been looking at using rulers to help, and some of your videos on YouTube. I would love to win your class.

  9. Linda W Says:

    I would love to win your Craftsy class. An area I haven’t seen in other classes that I would like to see in a future class–tips and examples of minimal marking, both within a block and entire quilt, that serve as a guideline for cohesive free motion quilting.

  10. Pat Says:

    Your work is SO inspiring! Thank you so much for making it look easy (so not easy for me!). I’d like to see more advanced classes–not only FMQ, but applique and piecing…love to learn new things! Just wanted to put in a plug for Craftsy classes–if you haven’t tried one, buy this class if you don’t win it! You won’t be sorry! Let’s just say I have bought “several” (50+) and they are so well done.

  11. Nancy Says:

    Just found your wonderful designs. Thanks for sharing your love of quilts. I want to learn more. I have machine quilted 3 king quilts on my Janome 7700. I am in love with quilting.

  12. Debbie Says:

    Hi Patsy,
    I think a class in how you plan out your amazing quilts/ blocks. From a design standpoint how you put together your free motion motifs with ruler work giving them the structure that just makes them pop. You are so creative and always teach in such a relaxed, down to earth style that makes you want to run up to your sewing room and give it a try!!

  13. Sonja McLane Says:

    Absolutely love your designs!!!!!!! I hope to be talented like you. sonjamclane76@gmail.com