Oct 06 15

A Little Machine Embroidery Applique

I was able to get a little MEA done in the last 10 days, mainly finishing up the testing of some block designs. When you have designs that can be stitched in multiple sizes of hoops, you have to keep testing out the files in all the various hoop sizes, so before you know it, they are kind of multiplying and you end up with tons of a given type of block.  Here’s a Christmasy version of this appliqued wreath:
That’s actually from a couple of years ago.  These wreaths are a single applique shape that were cut on my Sizzix machine using the Appli-K-Kutz 8 1/2 inch Wreath Die.  Here’s another version of the same applique shape, but it has a different edge finishing stitch as well as an internal design:
(Ignore the white lines; those are soap marks I use for registration lines when I float my fabric in the hoop.  They are now history!)  Here’s the same wreath with a different internal design but same edge finishing stitch:
…and here’s an example of the same internal design as above but with the candle wicking edge finishing stitch:
…and here’s what it looks like if you only add that internal design to one side of the wreath:
And here’s another internal design!  This time, the internal design is a series of one-sided feathers inside each plume:
These wreaths are multiplying!  The shot below isn’t even all of them, but I think this grouping will make a nice quilt with the blocks set on point:
I see some fun ruler work in those spaces between wreaths…!


  1. Diane Evans Says:

    So do I! I’m not sure if I purchased this wreath design, Patsy — does it have a special name? I’ll check my collection!


  2. Eileen Keane Says: