Nov 07 15

A Lovely Day of Finishes

Between making samples for my Craftsy class, samples for our new ruler work DVD, and just trying out some new techniques, “my cup runneth-over” with partially completed samples of “stuff.”  So, it felt pretty good a few days ago to finish up a few loose ends.  Although my original intention was to add one more “zone” of ruler work to the circle ruler experiment above, I had to finally concede that there really wasn’t even room for that.  So, I finished off the outside with the “irregular swirl” background fill design.  This shot is more of a close up:
This is an old FMQ design that comes from the family I call “The Innies and the Outies” where the design is formed by starting with some baseline design (in this case, a “blob” shape) and then swirling in toward the center and then swirling back out, all without crossing any lines.  You can add a lot more of a sense of movement to this design by stitching it with a variegated thread:
Here’s one last shot of that first wall hanging where I was experimenting with my Westalee Circles on Quilts Template set:
(I started another one that I like even more, but that’s for another day!)  I also finally added some outer edge quilting to this sample I’d made this summer for my Craftsy class.  Here, you can see all the temporary soap lines I used to help guide my frame design:
I used a flexible curve ruler to create a series of mirror image curves that would act as my spine guidelines for a frame of feathers:
…and then I filled in that frame by stitching the feathers:
The last thing I did was to add an art deco border to a quilt I’d made for the ruler DVD:
I couldn’t get a shot of the whole thing that showed the border very well:
I like the center section:
I’ve spent more hours machine quilting in the last 2 days than I’ve spent quilting in ages.  It sure feels good to be at my machine again!


  1. Maria Gardner Says:

    More beautiful and inspiring work.

  2. Vicki in MN Says:

    So gorgeous, you are definitely the queen of using contrasting thread!

  3. QuiltShopGal Says:

    Total #CreativeGoodness. Absolutely beautiful.


  4. Pat Says:

    You need a wide angle lens for a DSLR to do what you want…………)))::

    gorgeous stuff…..

  5. Sandy Says:

    Truly gorgeous and inspirational!

  6. France Grimard Says:

    Cannot wait to see your next project.
    Keep quilting!

  7. Diane Evans Says:

    The sample you made for the Craftsy class just glows, Patsy — beautiful choice of thread color. All of these are breathtaking!