Jun 05 08

What’s on the Machine Bed and New products in the Store!

First, if you think some posts are missing, you are correct! We converted to a new web server and are ironing out some kinks here in the transition…should be smooth sailing in the next few days! We added some new products to our web store (discussed below), and if you had previously registered as a retail customer, the new web store will not recognize your old login info. The good news is that you do NOT have to register at all to make a purchase. You MAY register if you want to receive email announcements of new products and if you want your demographic info remembered for future purchases, but you don’t have to. Anyways, on to more fun stuff!

Here’s what’s on my machine bed currently:

This quilt is called “Peace of Mind” and it is part of a series of quilts I have been dreaming in my head that all relate to my work at our local hospice. Some themes keep resonating in my work with people at the end of their lives and achieving some type of peace of mind seems to be important to most everyone. Here is a close-up of part of it; the color is not at all correct in this next photo:

The quilting on this is nearly done and I’ll post good pictures once it’s all the way done. I’ve also been playing around just a bit with some quilting designs. This next one is from a family I call “Loosey-Goosey Revolving Axis Family.” The reason I call it loosey-goosey is that you don’t carry the plume stitching line all the way back to baseline the way you do with the regular-old revolving axis family. Here’s what the baseline design looks like:

Now here’s the part I’m fine-tuning…I started wondering what would happen if I did “focal hyperquilting” and this is what I got-still not sure if this is a good idea or not:

In other news, here’s what’s new in the new web store:

1. NEW DVD! “Fast and Free Volume 0.5” is now available for purchase. This will eventually replace Fast and Free Volume 1 but volume 1 will still be available until our current stock is depleted. If you already have volume 1, we do NOT suggest you buy volume 0.5 as the material covered is basically identical, just presented in different ways. We are working on Fast and Free volume 3 and expect it to be available this fall. It has some really wonderful designs in it!

2. New line of Quilt patterns! We debuted a new line of quilt patterns at Spring Quilt Market and they are all “ThreadPower Certified!” This means they were designed specifically for the quilter who loves to play with thread! They are all fusible applique patterns that can easily be jazzed up with thread work and they teach fun techniques like trapunto and free motion embroidery. BUT, the best part is the patterns include multiple suggestions, diagrams and instructions for several different free motion quilting designs that will work with each pattern, and multiple options are given for the beginner, intermediate, and adventurous machine quilter!

3. BENDABLE BRIGHT LIGHT IS HERE! If you haven’t seen this product yet, it’s worth your time to check this out! It’s just what the doctor ordered for aging eyes! If you have any questions about it, be sure to click on the picture of the light to watch our 3.5 minute videol explaining how easy it is to adhere to your machine and also how versatile these lights are to use. Both Ernie and I have these all over our respective workshop rooms!

4. 40-INCH FLEXIBLE CURVE RULERS ARE HERE! These extra long rulers are wonderful for marking over-sized feathers that intensely curl into themselves. These types of feathers are difficult to mark smoothly with a 24 inch ruler, so these will make your life easier!

That’s it for now! I promise another post with better pictures in the next few days!

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  1. Pam O Says:

    I attached my Bendable Bright Light after I read your blog and tutorial. Thanks. I enjoy looking at your quilting and then trying them on my own. You have been an inspiration for me.