Nov 15 15

Another Experiment with the Westalee Circles on Quilts Ruler-Part I

I’m loving this circle ruler and wish I could have more time to mess around with it!  The photo above is my 2nd experiment of just playing around with it, trying to develop a quilted design “on the fly.”  I started out by creating the framework for the centermost part of the design…the “spokes of the wheel,” if you will:
I used my Westalee circle ruler on my Babylock destiny to create the 4 concentric circles.  I then used one of my Quilters Groove Rulers to create the swags that frame the circle, and then created a series of parallel swags.  You can do this kind of work with any arc ruler as long as it has markings on it for 1/4 in, 1/2 in, etc.  In the photo above that happened the next day, I started adding in my center design.  In the photo below, you can see that the center is done:
I used my soap lines that divide the circle into 8 quadrants as the center axis for 8 featherettes that are arranged evenly inside the next “empty zone” that forms a circle:
I was still thinking over how to handle the next empty circle zone, so I skipped ahead and filled the swag zone with a string of pearls.  I used the same silver polyester thread that I’d used in the center circle:
In the last empty circle zone, I wanted to create  a design that could span a bit of both sides of the circle line.  In this next photo, I’ve only stitched one and you can see what I mean:
And here’s what this zone looked like once I’d filled in the rest of the circle:
In this next photo I’ve hyperquilted the center-most design and stitched the inchworm design inside the crescents that lie below the pearls in the swags:
…and this brings us to the end of the “center spokes” of the design and the end of Part I.  Tune in again in a few days and I’ll show you how the rest was stitched.  In the meantime, “happy quilting!”


  1. Vicki in MN Says:

    Your ‘on the fly’ looks pretty wonderful!

  2. Linda E in AZ Says:

    Ah, really very nice!

  3. Diane Evans Says:

    And you do all of this with NO MARKING! It’s beautiful, Patsy.

    I want to be you when I grow up . . .


  4. Nancy Says:

    Really nice. Gives us some great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nancy Says:

    Really nice. Gives us some great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lorie bugaiski Says:

    Love your work! It’s beautiful!