Feb 14 16

Using Up More Test Stitch-Out Blocks

Remember this block?  It’s been sitting around for several months now.  It is one of my test stitch-out blocks when I was developing the center block for my Birds of Paradise quilt below:
Here is a closeup of that heart area:
(Oops!  I just noticed there is an errant thread in there…oh well!)
This center block measures 22 inches square and it takes a good 2 1/2 days of focused work to get through all of the hoopings required to make it.  Because of that, I had to make something out of this test block!  I actually had begun working on one of the corner setting triangle blocks for this many months ago, so I set to finish that one up,and then I had to make a 2nd one since each of these square blocks makes only 2 corner setting triangles.  Here’s a shot of the 2nd block as it’s still being created on my embroidery machine.  It is on the 4th hooping of 5 hoopings and if you compare the bird’s tail feathers by the needle to the other ones, you can really appreciate how much interest the embroidery adds to the applique scene:
Here’s where I was at the end of this hooping:
 Once completed, each of these blocks is sliced in half on the diagonal:
I sewed one set of triangles to opposite sides of the center block:
And here’s the state of this small quilt at this point:
I believe I’m going to be adding 2 more borders to this quilt, but it will sit untouched for the next couple of weeks.  That will give me some time to think through whether my next plan makes sense or not.  In the meantime, I have about 6 other projects that are actively being attacked…


  1. Helen Says:

    Wow! You are an amazing artist. I love your choice of colors. It must have taken hours and hours of planning the embroidery programming alone! Love your posts, thanks for sharing.

  2. Elizabeth kuntz Says:

    I love the colors and elements of this quilt. Very pretty indeed.