Mar 12 16

On the Machine Bed

I haven’t posted here in awhile because life has not afforded me anytime to create with my hands lately and  have been going through sewing/quilting withdrawl.  Don’t you hate that?!   Today was the first time in ages that I’ve had to really get some quilting done and I spent it working on the table runner above.  These 2 large intersecting ferns are the central portion of the runner and this has been really fun to quilt.  Here are a couple close-up shots of the center-most portion:
and here’s another:
The ends before the outermost sections have a different background quilting pattern than the center sections:
I’ll post more as I finish this up but wanted to “check in” since I’ve been “radio silent” for awhile.


  1. Maria Gardner Says:

    Looking great, Patsy. Are you doing raw-edge applique on the ferns, or needle turn? The edges look so lovely and smooth.

  2. Brenda R Says:

    This is so beautiful, Patsy.

  3. Mary Clark Says:

    Patsy, your piece is absolutely stunning. Your work is beautiful.

  4. Vireya Says:

    This looks wonderful!
    Did you have to stop and start the quilting to get it to follow on “behind” the leaves? Or is the appliqué done after the quilting?

  5. Margaret Griffiths Says:

    Love this. The quilting is wonderful

  6. Kelly Jackson Says:

    Love, love, love the table runner. Those leaves are great. Hope you get more time to sew and enjoy your creativity.


  7. Debbie Wassenaar Says:

    I love it!!! Your quilting is beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!