Apr 08 16

Finishing Up a Quilt That Was Lost in the Shuffle

I remember being so excited when I pieced this quilt, because it used up 5 test blocks/borders that were just sitting around.  It allowed me to play with lots of ruler work ideas that I wasn’t sure would work.  In this next shot, you can see a little better how I used ruler work to create a design that “bridged” different blocks:
This one might show it a bit better:
The dead center was the perfect spot to throw in a mini featherette:
The outer borders were kind of ho-hum quilting-wise.  I threw in a bit of ruler work at the center of each border and then just used “plumify it” as my background fill design.  I always feel like that is kind of a cop out but there just wasn’t enough “blank space” to do something larger:
It’s always a nice feeling to complete a project.  Still need to get that binding on, but that’s no biggie now that the quilting is done.


  1. Wendy Dyhr Says:

    Those blue feathers are just amazing. Quilting not too shabby either. (I really love them). Thank you for sharing and being a constant inspiration. Off to Australian Quilting Convention this week. YUM.

  2. Kelly Jackson Says:

    Great quilt…and how fun is it to get one done. Keep in mind I love doing hand binding if you ever get back logged 🙂 I’ve done it for Rosemary a few times…my blind stitch is pretty darn blind.


  3. Diane Evans Says:

    As always, LOVE it. I really like your bridge work — a great idea to unify the parts of a pieced quilt. Can’t wait to try it.

    Looking forward to your embroidered butterflies taking flight.