Apr 26 16


I haven’t gotten to spend nearly enough time free motion quilting in the last week, so I selfishly claimed some time this afternoon and I’m so glad I did!  I had a total blast stitching out this ruler work border design.  I stitched it on my Babylock Destiny using the Westalee high shank ruler foot.  This design looks quite rich, but if you view it in layers, it is quite do-able.  Here were my steps from start to finish:
1.  Mark guidelines for the beginnings, endings and middles of each arch.  This is exactly how I mark all my ruler-guided border designs:
2.  Using a basic arc ruler, create the outer arch lines, then throw in a scant 1/4 inch wide channel.  I used Superior Magnifico Polyester thread for the ruler work:
(If you look closely, you will see new markings for the beginning, ending, and middle of the next channel, which in this case is 1 1/4 inch wide.)
3.  Using the same basic arc ruler, stitch the 1 1/4 in wide channel, followed by another scant 1/4 in wide channel:
4.  I swapped to my open toe free motion foot, then stitched the swag design to fill in the wide channel:
5.  I changed to a turquoise rayon thread for the next step, only because I am a lover of lots of thread colors in 1 design.  I stitched this featherette to fill each lower section, and it combines a couple of different plume shapes:
6.  I hyperquilted only the non-traditional plume shapes of each featherette.  I just like having a little bling in there:
…and here’s a wider view one last time:
Can you tell I love ruler work?!


  1. Suzy Webster Says:

    Lovely. I always adore your quilting and I feel the same way about getting to spend time at my machine 🙂

  2. Diane Evans Says:

    Gorgeous!!! Which arc ruler did you use? I need to see if I own it!!


  3. Claudia Says:

    Beautiful as always. Wish I had seen it before I started my border.

  4. Tammy Hutchinson Says:

    Hi Patsy!

    I just took a ruler work class yesterday and am so excited! I have the right foot for my small Janome but now want to get the right foot for my Babylock Symphony. The teacher yesterday used your website for some of her demo. I emailed Westalee last night about the right ruler foot for my Symphony and he said the low shank. But I see you you use a high shank on your Destiny. Babylock lists both the Symphony and Destiny as mid shank.
    Can you advise please and also tell me about an adapter. I don’t think I have one. So excited about the possibilities! Thanks, Tammy