Apr 28 16

Today’s Ruler Border Playtime

This ruler border design has the same ruler work “bones,” or framework as the last one on maroon fabric, just different fill designs.   If you go back to the last post, the initial steps to create the ruler work bones are identical. This next shot is early on, after I’d stitched the featherette inside the wide 1 1/4 inch channel:
Can you tell how this differs from the earlier featherette ( a few posts back)  in the same channel?  This version is what I call a reverse or inverted featherette.  Here’s a shot of the earlier one for comparison-this makes the difference pretty clear:
I was being lazy about changing my threads, so I stitched the bottom section next.  It holds a featherette comprised of both “Aztec plumes” and a central traditional plume:
It was already starting to look interesting and probably could have stood on its own at this point, but filling in these channels is fun for me.  I swapped to gold thread and added a row of pearls inside the 1/2 in channel:
and then I added hyperquilting to the bottom featherette:
I am having a blast playing with all these!

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  1. Brenda R Says:

    I love the look of this, Patsy.