Jun 06 16

Quilt Suspension Makes Free Motion Quilting Easier


Ever since I posted about suspending my quilt a couple years ago, I’ve received lots of questions about it.  Ern and I have been playing around with different types of quilt suspension systems, trying to come up with a system that is lightweight, easily portable and one that does the job.  His latest system is my favorite by far and  we made a short video that explains how it works:


 I have been the beneficiary of Ernie’s problem solving/handyman skills for many years, and he is opening those same skills up to you as well!  Ern’s Quilting Suspension System is available now in our online store and you can find it by clicking here.  The backbone/clamp portion is available in either dark blue or purple, at least while supplies last.  Happy Quilting!




  1. Brenda Coffey Says:

    Patsy I am a big fan of yours and interested in your suspension system. But I quilt on a babylock tiara III. Is your system large enough to use behind this machine? Thanks for all of your great tips.

  2. Helen Lee Says:

    Patsy, Have you tried using your suspension system on the left of the machine instead of the back? I have my machine in a cabinet with a back extension. Since I plan my quilting on large quilts so that I don’t have more than half of my quilt under the harp at one time, I have more trouble managing the bulk to the left of my needle than what is at the back.

  3. Sharion Tillery Says:

    Patsy, I just received my suspension system and am excited to get back home to try it. The material is very sturdy & I quickly set it up and played with the height adjustment before I left town. I’m very happy that it’s so portable. I just wish I had room and time to take it with me to try out. MY 1st project will be an appliqued Mason Jar quilt that I have to square up & use your spray baste method on before I get to quilting it.