Jul 10 16

My Friend Nikki and a Flash sale

Isn’t it nice how you meet people on the internet who live a million miles away and you’d never have the opportunity to have your paths cross otherwise?  Anyway, I met Nikki a couple years ago when she was learning how to free motion quilt by watching YouTube videos and surfing the net.  She picked up her FMQ’ing skills literally overnight and there has been no stopping her since!  She just started playing with ruler work about 1 month ago and this was her very first effort:
Here are a couple of closeups:
I’m not kidding when I said this was her first effort!  She said that the first time she picked up a ruler, it felt totally natural, as if she’d been doing it for years!  This is the beginning of her 2nd project.  She started off with a beautiful design that started from one of our stencils.  Check out all the fabulous hyperquilting:
This first photo alone had me drooling!  She then started playing with rulers to create an interesting frame design:
(Do you recognize the Westalee arc/straight edge ruler that comes with the ruler foot?)  Here are a couple more in-process photos she sent:
I can’t find words to say how thrilling it is to see someone “take off” like this.  Nikki, if you’re out there in the cyber-universe, you need to write a book…we are all drooling!!
In other news, we are clearing out space in our warehouse and all our fabric cutting dies are only $10 each through this Thursday at 12:01 am.  This is an incredible deal…some of these dies are normally over $100 each!  There aren’t many shapes left but if you’re into applique, these dies can save you a TON of time!  Some of the shapes that are left include:
Here is that shape in fabric:
…and in fabric:
…and in fabric:
You can see all remaining applique shapes by clicking here, and if you click on any product image in the store, it will open a new page that will give you more detailed info about the product.


  1. Nancy Says:

    Wow! That’s encouraging to see someone else has natural talent, too. I love the design work with rulers.

  2. sarah did it! Says:

    Does Nikki have a blog? Her projects are fabulous!!!

  3. Amy Johnson Says:

    How fabulous! Nikki is a natural for sure and I’m sure having a great teacher and source of inspiration from you has helped!