Sep 24 16

Quilting as Fast as I Can and a Huge Craftsy Sale



I am not a person to leave things to the last minute.  I am that jerk you went to school with who finished her report 3 days early “just in case” a dog might chew it up at the last minute!  This is the 2nd time in my life where I’ve entered a quilt into a quilt show that wasn’t already completed and now I am paying for it BIG TIME!  I am racing against the clock to get the quilting done by Mon am but I also need to bind it, label it, and get the dang hanging sleeve added!


The outermost border has a lot of ruler work followed by fill in work.  Here’s a section of empty ruler work:



The lowest tier is from the Turrets 2 ruler.  The upper tier is from the Turrets 1 ruler, and then the crescents are from 2 arc rulers (PTD 8 and 12 arcs.)  You can see that I am so pressed for time that I am “settling” for sub-par work on my part, but that’s the price I must pay for being so late in getting this done.  In this next shot, you can see what the turrets 1 section looks like filled in:



…and here’s a bit more fill in inside the Turrets 2 section:



I have to say that filling these in with featherettes is pretty fun.  I am seeing featherettes everywhere lately!  This next shot shows both the Turrets 1 and Turrets 2 sections filled in:



I don’t actually like the look of these but it’s too late to rip out and move to something else.  I am hoping there is time to hyperquilt them as I think that might make them a bit more enticing.


In the meantime, did you know that Craftsy is having a humongous sale?!!  All classes are under $20 this weekend!  How can you miss with a deal like that?!  Follow this link to pick up a class a this great price.  There are tons of great classes at Craftsy on all kinds of topics, so load up on them now and watch them at your leisure.  If you’re interested in learning any of my techniques, be sure to check out my 2 classes, called Ultimate Free Motion Feathers and Ultimate Free Motion Quilting.



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  1. Robbi Imhoff Says:

    Hi Patsy– Even what you call “your sub par work” is gorgeous. Good luck on meeting the deadline.