Sep 14 08

Fabric Give Away and 2007 Journal Quilt Returns Home

I received my 2007 journal quilt back this week, and this was the first time I have submitted/received a quilt to/from Quilts, Inc. All I can say is “Wow!” I have never dealt with an organization who took such great care of my quilt; frankly, better care than I take with my own quilts! This quilt came back completely flat, carefully wrapped in tissue paper and then plastic and then in a waterproof cover. Contrast this with a 90 in x 90 in quilt that was shipped back to me from a revered quilt magazine in a box that measured 12 in x 12 in…talk about a bad wrinkle problem and disregard for a quilt! If any of you ever deal with Quilts, Inc, know that they are VERY respectful of your work! I cannot say enough nice things about them right now!

I never did post a picture of my journal quilt, so here it is:

For me, this was mainly an exercise in restraint. I really love how it feels, physically and mentally, when I free motion quilt, so I tend to overdue it…ok, I can quilt a quilt to death! But, I didn’t do that here. I was trying to create a sense of a current flowing through this design, so I stuck with stitching the irregular swirl selectively only through the dark blue areas. The large ginkgo leaves are made of silk charmeuse. The edges are burned and the colors were highlighted a bit with colored pencils and then washed with a light water wash to blend them a bit. Then they were free motion embroidered and once this was in a final quilt sandwich, I stitched around them with invisible thread:

The smaller ginkgo leaves were stamped on with fabric paint, then free motion embroidered with a light polyester interfacing behind them. Once it was in the final quilt sandwich, I stitched around the edges of them with invisible thread. You can kind of see how they protrude out a bit in this picture:

And now it’s time for the fabric giveaway drawing…first, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who posted a comment or sent me an email! These were some of the loveliest notes and comments and it sure makes me feel like there is a good reason to keep posting! It also makes me wish I could give a yard of hand dyed fabric to everyone! (Don’t get too worked up and excited, because I can’t!) But, I think I’ll do more giveaways in the future, so if you’re not the winner, there should be some other opportunities down the road! And now, drum roll, please…..And the winner is:

DOT! Hope you have fun with the fabric!!

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  1. Alice (aka BCQuilter) Says:

    Congratulations to the winner! I’m sure she’ll enjoy your fabric!

    I really like what you did with your Journal Quilt, and I saw the movement before you described it… you did very well!