Nov 09 16

Therapy Through Sewing

I spent all day yesterday sewing and quilting.  Tough times in our nation call for serious time spent sewing/quilting to digest it all and try to make sense of it.  I finished quilting my black table runner and I really like how it came out, although it’s so densely quilted that it has a stiffness to it.  I think a tangential shot might show the texture better:
You can see that pretty much any large space was filled with a featherette.  The ruler work went very fast (too fast-it is becoming my favorite part!).  The hardest part was that tiny loop-d-loop background fill.  This is black rayon thread on a black cotton background.
I’m really taken by the drama of that black background and was fixated on making a large quilt with 9 of these blocks as the center.  I figured that would give me enough space to develop secondary designs better (both through the pieced squares set on point but also through ruler work).  I still like the idea of that, but I have to say that stitching with black thread on a black background is much harder on the eyes than I’d anticipated.
I’ll have to figure out if these old eyes are up to that challenge.


  1. Sandy Says:

    Black on black is really tough, Patsy, as you said. I recently quilted a black background, too, and was dreading it. However, since I was using Aurifil, I switched to an almost-black (#4241), and it was just enough of a contrast to make the quilting go much more easily. I don’t know if there’s a rayon in a similar shade, but it’s worth checking. 🙂

  2. Marietta Walker Says:

    Oh Patsy,

    Can I just come and live with you for a few weeks. I would just watch you quilt all day long. We could find our way to the nearest Tea Room for lunch, and you could just fill my brain with all things that make your quilting so beautiful and unique.

    Thank you for sharing your works of art. I gasp every time one of them appear on my screen.

    Marietta in MO