Nov 14 16

All Over the Place

I caved and indulged myself in the thread sale at BFC stash.  I don’t need any more thread but these spools were an incredible deal and I’ve been happy with their trilobal polyester thread for both quilting and embroidery.  I’ve also been running through thread as I’ve had my hands in all kinds of quilty projects over the last few days.  I started making a Christmas-y version of the serpentine floral table runner I designed recently:
I also went back in and added small featherettes between my border motifs on my Kissed by a Butterfly Quilt.  I stitched these in a different thread color than the border design, one that is closer to the background fabric color so it’s not as noticeable:
I did this because a judge commented that the un-quilted areas looked “too blank.”  Here’s the before shot:
I’d honestly thought about doing this when I first made the quilt, but then decided it didn’t need it.  Have to say that I like it better now.  Here’s the after shot:
I also started a Christmas version of my recent black quilted tablerunner.  Here’s the center green block:
…and here’s what one of the red blocks looks like:
Ern has been busy making all kinds of ruler holders for quilters:
He makes them in different types of wood and different inlay designs:
He also makes gorgeous thread racks.  I have a different thread rack next to each of my embroidery machines and use them all the time:
He even makes really beautiful ice cream scoops like these:
ice cream scoops
If you’ve been thinking about one of these as a Christmas gift, now is the time to place your order as he makes these to your specifications.  You can find them in our online store by clicking here for ruler holders and here for thread racks.  He’s also been making lots of seam rippers, stilettos, and keychain screwdriver/stilettos:
The shot above shows a couple of keychain screwdrive/stilettos in their “resting state.”  If you unscrew the end, you see that they hold 3 different screwdriver tips and 1 stiletto tip:
Once you choose a tip, you slip it into the end, and you’re ready to use this beautiful tool!  I use my screwdriver tips all the time to put my ruler foot onto my sewing machine:
Ern can make these up in all kinds of colors to match your taste.  If you want to have them ready for the holiday, now’s the time to order and you can find all of Ernie’s handmade gifts in our online store by clicking here.
In sad news, our beloved western NC is literally on fire because of the extreme drought.  The air here is very hazy and smoke-filled and we haven’t been able to spend anytime outdoors for several days because the air quality is so poor that it’s dangerous.  Say a prayer for these wildfires to come under control soon…
hazy air

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