Feb 06 17

Another Ruler Border Design


This was a border design I created a number of months ago and pretty much forgot about.  The framework for this is basic ruler work using arc rulers.  This is what the framework looked like as I was just finishing the skeleton.  I believe I used my PTD arc ruler 8 for this but honestly, any arc ruler can be used to make this type of design:




(I guess this was one step beyond the framework/skeleton, as there is a  featherette inside each triangle zone, but you can hopefully see the ruler work framework.  The original triangle has a 1/4 inch channel followed by a 1/2 inch channel.  If you’ve taken a class w/me or follow my blog, then you know I’m going to fill that 1/2 inch channel with a quilted design.  This next shot shows the 1/2 in channel filled with a row of pearls and the featherette has been hyperquilted with gold polyester thread.  This is a good example of how playing with thread colors can really ramp up a design:




Next, I switched back to my original turquoise thread and added a continuous line of shallow swags along the outside of each triangle zone.  This was done freehand:




I liked it at that point but it needed more “oomph,” so I added the second row of swags:




Here’s what it looks like upside down…kind of interesting to me:




I am wondering 2 things:


-Wouldn’t this be cool is the “empty sections” were filled in with their own design? and


-If you eliminated all the fancy part of what I did and just looked at it as a traditional arched border that has internal swags, what might this design look like with only the lower section filled in?


Hmmm…I sense some play time coming…

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  1. QuiltShop Gal Says:

    I see endless possibilities for this design. Definitely inspires me. I love the play on light, with the thread color, like candles, or fireworks. But the overall Ruler Work/FMQ design has a gorgeous framework.