Mar 04 17

Trapuntoed Ruler Work-Part 2B



We covered the first steps in creating the trapuntoed ruler work block above in an earlier post; you can find that post by clicking here.  This left us at this step:



I used the same PTD 12 arc ruler to add 8 arcs along the outside edge, then I added a 1/4 inch channel, a 1/2 inch chaneel, and another 1/4 inch channel.  My goal in doing this is to have one channel I can fill (the 1/2 in wide channel), and an inner and outer channel to set that filled channel “off,” or make it more interesting and intricate with very little work.  Here’s what that looked like before I had filled the middle channel:



…and here’s what it looked like once that 1/2 inch wide channel had been filled with a row of pearls.  Notice that the row of pearls really creates a visual ring around the mandala:



This next move is kind of subtle.  I used a bluish-purple trilobal polyester thread to fill the long inner “triangles” with featherettes.  This was a subtle way of adding a new color to the design:



I then swapped to a different thread color (light aqua), and added a different featherette design to the outer triangle shapes:



I went to hyperquilt it but was timid at first and only hyperquilted every other featherette in the outermost triangles:




And remember, the whole point of this “experiment” is that all these blocks will eventually be pieced into a quilt where all the ruler work will be trapuntoed, so I flipped this block over and trimmed away all the excess batting that fell outside the design, so here is what it looked like at the very end:



This final shot below will give you a bit of a sense of the effect of trapunto.  This next shot shows the block after the quilt has been pieced and I’ve outlined “zones” of this mandala with invisible thread.  You can really appreciate the effects of the trapunto and I haven’t even quilted anything in the area surrounding the mandala yet:



Stay tuned!



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  1. Nikki Reukl Says:

    I need to shop at your store for fabric, Your colour choices for fabric and thread just explode when you start your thread-play. Superb !!!!!