Mar 20 17

Yin and Yang in My Sewing Room

Do you know what this is?
It’s a feathered wreath whose largest spine zone is the opposite of the ruler work framework that I quilted in the feathered wreath I made last week, shown below:
I used the same stop/start markings to create the ruler work framework of the spine zone, but I inverted the arc ruler on the 2nd wreath so that it was convex instead of concave.  This alters the shape of the arches created in that spine zone, which necessarily alters the featherettes that are used to fill those arches.  My original plan was to stick with “Aztec-style” featherettes, but then I decided it was better to have more examples of different featherettes, so I opted for the more traditional plume shapes:
Photos don’t show things as well as in real life, but these wreaths are also very different from a textural standpoint.  The blue wreath has a trapunto layer, so it has a lot more depth to it.  Here is a shot of it after the wreath had been stitched and I was just about to start outlining areas with invisible thread.  The thread work is pretty but the wreath is quite flat:
In this next shot, the inner plumes have been outlined and the first “skinny” spine zone has been outlined, and you can just barely begin to see some texture:
…and in this next one, I’ve outlined everything but haven’t done any echo quilting up against the wreath yet:
If you compare that to this one, you can really tell that something “extra” is going on:
And here they are next to one another:
 I love all things free motion quilting!

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  1. QuiltShop Gal Says:

    I love all things free motion quilting too! And, you do such amazing work. This is the first time I noticed how you mark, which makes me think of another reason I need to take another FMQ class with you. My list is huge and as I’ve enjoyed every class (and DVD) with you, I still want to more.