Mar 23 17

Ruler Work Quilting Using PTD Flower Templates

If you look closely at the center sections of these mandalas, you will see that one or more flower shapes form the framework for the elaborate thread work design that follows:
For each of the above mandalas, a single flower shape (in each case, the large flower template), was used to begin the design.  In this next mandala, all 3 flower template shapes were used to anchor the design that followed:
(This one is my favorite ruler work design I’ve ever made!)  Can you see all 3 flowers in the center section?  When I mention our PTD flower template sets, I’m referring to our set of 3 flower templates, shown below:
If you’re looking for these templates in our online store, you can find them by clicking here
One more mandala, and this one used only 1 of the 3 flower templates:
I’m hoping this will show you that a flower template can be used for flower designs but also for designs that don’t resemble flowers!  These templates are pretty easy to use and we made a short video that shows how they work:

One last thing!  If you think they’re only good for making elaborate mandalas, how about using them for many cool feathered wreaths like these:
If you look at this closeup shot, you can see that only one flower was used in this wreath.  I love, love, LOVE the detailed thread work in the spine zone:
…and all 3 flower templates were used for the over-the-top wreath below:
The feathered wreath above was actually made from the block I used to demonstrate how to use the templates in the video.  It will actually have 2 trapunto layers in it by the time it finally is finished, but I’ll post how it got to this stage in the next few days.  For now, just remember that it began by stitching 3 concentric flowers in the center of the block, and I’ll walk you through the rest of it as well!

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