May 20 17

Vivid Color

I finally got to start quilting the center block of this quilt (only a portion of the center block is visible here.)  This is  a machine embroidery applique quilt that was finished and basted several months ago but has not been touched in many months.  It felt great to be working with such vivid colors.  The “insides” of the pairs of blue applique swags were first stitched with ruler work to create a 2-tiered melon shape:
I used the PTD 8 and 12 arcs to create those arcs, but you could use other arc templates as well, as long as their curves are different enough to work well together.  In this next shot, you can see that the center of the melons was filled with a featherette:
In this final shot, you can get an idea of the fill design in the center-most section.  It’s a very small-scale version of “plumify it.”
This background fabric is a hand-dyed cotton sateen and it is yummy to quilt.  Can’t wait to start on the next section!

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