Nov 25 08

Quilt Finished, 2 Product Endorsements & Thanksgiving Blow-Out Sale!!

I haven’t posted in quite awhile, but NOT because I haven’t been sewing! I’ve actually gotten to spend more time at my machine in the last 3 weeks than I have in quite a long time, but most of it has been spent working on new designs for the next DVD we’ll be doing and it’s too early to reveal any surprises! I did get to finish that small wall hanging I was working on. The wall hanging is so simple (maybe TOO simple!), but I love the way the quilting has created a very cool background texture. Unfortunately, I don’t think these pictures really show that texture. Here’s the whole thing:

The flowers were trapuntoed with scraps of Hobbs 80/20 batting:

They protrude out the most. The swirls were trapuntoed with a very thin polyester batt (don’t know the brand as it was el-cheapo on a bolt in a discount fabric store). They protrude but not as much as the flowers:

And here is a shot of the background quilting. If you’ve seen Fast and Free Volume 3, it’s the rudimentary version of the “plumify-it” design. I LOVE how it came out!

…and here’s a quick shot of part of the backside:

And I have become quite fond of 2 products that have made my quilting life much easier and thought I’d pass along a tip on them. The first is silicone spray. This is liquid silicone that I spray on my level quilting surface (both machine bed and plexiglas table) before I quilt. I then wipe down my area with a paper towel and this makes things nice and slippery! I don’t know about you, but every once in awhile I will be quilting a quilt whose backing fabric does NOT want to flow easily across my table-enter silicone spray!! This does NOT stain the fabric (I know, I was a disbeliever just like you, and that’s why I haven’t posted about this until I’ve had 6 months of working with it under my belt!) I know of some quilters who spray their quilting surface and also spray the back o the quilt, so you KNOW it won’t stain your fabrics! Here’s a picture of my brand, made by Sullivans USA:

And last but not least, have you ever had a wrinkled piece of fabric where you ironed and ironed and ironed again and no matter what you did, you just couldn’t get deeply set wrinkles out of a piece of fabric? I sure have and the last few months, I’ve been using Downy Wrinkle Reducer Spray and this stuff really works!

It has a floral scent to it that I could live without, but I’ll put up with it since it does such a great job with the wrinkles! I got this at my favorite grocery store; haven’t seen it in any quilt shops yet.

And….in celebration of Thanksgiving, we’re having a sale that starts NOW!!! DVDs are $2 off, patterns are $3 off, 40-Inch Flexible Curve Rulers are $3.55 off, and the Bendable Bright Lights are $10 off! Be sure to watch the Bendable Bright Light infomercial and you’ll see how easy they are to install on your machine, and what a great gift they will make for any quilter or woodworker on YOUR shopping list! (Or maybe even just for yourself!) Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Darlene Peck Says:

    Where can I buy the Silicone Spray? I would like to get some and try it. Thanks.