Aug 15 17

Fantasy Fern

This is a small wall hanging that I made as a donation quilt for the Indianapolis Quilt Guild auction in October.  It started out as a machine embroidery applique design.  In the shot below, you can see the internal swirls being stitched inside the fronds:
Once it was in the final quilt sandwich, I outlined the fern using invisible thread, (Monopoly by Superior Threads.)  I then used 3 different solid colored threads to stitch the background designs.  These were rayons (Sulky) or trilobal polyester threads (Floriani and Superior Threads):
When I’m working on a hand-dyed background like this one with blended colors, I try to change my thread color as I work:
…and here it is bound.  I am officially hooked on that 2 color flanged binding now:
There is something so yummy about quilting hand dyed cotton sateen fabric…it still thrills me every time I do it!


  1. Suzy Webster Says:

    Gorgeous as always patsy. I love the cool colored leaf on the warm background.

  2. Pat Says:

    Beautiful work and I especially love the colors!! Striking on the colors. Would love to see a video about how you switch off colors when doing this kind of color scheme work (meaning on thread changes).

  3. Brenda Says:

    Love the swirly feathers!

  4. Pam Says:

    When you stitch your swirls, do you stitch the stem first and then backtrack and stitch the swirls? Or do you stitch the swirls as you go along the stem and then end the stitching at the tip of each leaf bump? Your stitching is gorgeous and I cannot see if you even backtracked at all!