Aug 21 17

New Stitch-outs

These are some machine embroidery applique oak leaves that are more traditional, and this next shot is the whimsical version:
Here is a traditional version of a different variety of oak leaf (hence, the different shape):
…and here’s the whimsical version of this alternate oak leaf shape:
Notice that part of the swirls are missing on the right side of that center leaf…that’s the kind of thing you find when you stitch out a design for the first time!  I can see that more stitch outs are in my future!  I like the whimsical versions better-how about you?
We watched the eclipse today from our backyard in Asheville, NC; we had a 99.2% total eclipse.  We were surprised how much the temperature and humidity dropped and the birds stopped signing as the sky’s color became kind of eerie.  I kind of have a deja-vu from the 1979 eclipse but can’t recall where I was when it happened.  I hope I’ll remember this one forty-some years from, although I will likley be dead by then!

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