Sep 25 17

Done, at Least for Now

I had to turn in my quilt today, so all work on it has ceased, at least for now.  It’s 61 in x 61 in and I love the bold color combinations and also love the quilting.  There is one border section that actually isn’t quite finished yet, and I couldn’t begin work on it or it would really look odd.  I am hoping that I will find the time to go back in and finish what I want to do later.  Here are some closeup shots:
This next photo shows where I couldn’t finish.  I want to add a single row of pearls in the tapered arc-shaped channel that abuts the blue applique shapes in that red border zone.  I estimate that the quilting, plus all the thread burying, will take at least another 20 hours of work and I just ran out of time.
Quilting this one really drove home to me how important color is.  Having such a close view of that center section, which is a hand-dyed cotton sateen, was thrilling for all the hundreds of hours I worked on it.  I need to use my hand dyed fabrics more.
I’m excited to work on some other projects for awhile!


  1. Janice Says:


  2. Robbi Says:

    Dear Patsy — This quilt is stunning! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Diane Evans Says:

    Patsy, this is stunning!! And, yes, those hand-dyed fabrics are magnificent.


  4. Kerry Says:

    Wow! It’s beautiful – finished or not, it looks perfect to me. 😀

  5. jackie Says:

    What color bobbin thread did you use? That’s always a challenge for me. Thanks!

  6. Marlena Says:

    Stunning. Love the colors.