Oct 19 17

Dyeing Fabric With Old Dye Powders


I was about to start a new project and needed 3 long panels of hand dyed fabrics that were predominantly greens.  I have lots of already dyed fabrics that fit that bill, but all of it was just a wee bit too short for my needs.  Isn’t that always how it goes?!  Anyway, I decided to get some late season fabric dyeing going a couple weeks ago and the shot below shows my set up:



This is a quick and easy direct dyeing method, and if it’s something you’ve wondered about trying yourself, here is a quick video lesson on how I do it:





What I want you to see is how the intensity, or saturation of the color, changes once it was washed out.  The fabric in the shots above is still a bit wet, and this makes the colors appear somewhat darker.  BUT, the post washing shots below will give you an idea of how old dye powders result in less than saturated colors in the final product:



This next shot is the darkest piece of all, yet look how light it is:



These are all still very use-able, but darn, I miss that intense color saturation!  Here is the darkest one all sliced up and ready as 3 panels for my next project:



  1. Diane Evans Says:

    As always, great-looking hand-dyed fabrics — you are one talented lady, from dyeing to stitching.


  2. Louann Holmes Says:

    Beautiful. Would using Retaynebin the hot water wash, keep the more intense color?

  3. Louann Holmes Says:

    Sorry for the typo. Product is called Retayne.