Dec 08 08

Evolution of a Feathered Wreath and New Cool Website

I have been playing around with many different feather designs and had taken many pictures over the last week with an intention to post them, but when I went to re-size them tonight I found that I had to delete almost all of them. Sometimes, lighting becomes a real problem for me and can completely drive me nuts! That is what happened here-they were so dark that I couldn’t even make out my thread lines. I took a few more pictures today on a feathered wreath I made this afternoon. This is the wreath in its most basic form. It is stitched in size 12 pearl cotton Prescencia embroidery thread and outlined with a violet rayon:

This next shot is the second step in what I call “double-triple hyperquilting.” I apologize, but this photo simply doesn’t do it justice because all the colors are so off. In this next phase, the wreath is inlined with a magenta/maroonish thread.

Notice that this inlining is different from my normal inlining; the plumes are long and skinny and this is because we’re going to go in with a third thread for another round of hyperquilting, so we need more space! This last photo shows the next round of hyperquilting. In this one, I went in with gold rayon thread and added a double splay line:

…and this closeup shows it a bit better:

This was very fun to do and it totally indulges my thread obsession at the same time! Can’t wait to play around with the next one!

In other news, I have had the good fortune to become friends with a wonderful fiber artist named Judy Simmons over the last few years; I met her in our fiber arts group in Asheville, North Carolina. Her work is beautiful and she is a wonderful teacher, so if you ever have an opportunity to take a class from her, DO IT!! She emailed me this weekend that she finally has a website (yeah, Judy!!) so take some time to check it out. The pictures don’t totally capture the lovely textures in her work, but they are beautiful nonetheless!

I’ve had a few emails about the Thanksgiving Sale and it is now over. Actually, there was problem today with the USPS link (this is a USPS problem, not a problem w/our server) so we were not able to process orders online today. If you had trouble earlier, know that USPS has corrected the problem and orders can now be processed. Happy Holidays!


  1. Wednesday Web - December 10, 2008 Says:

    […] Evolution of a Feathered Wreath and New Cool Website […]

  2. Alice (aka BCQuilter) Says:

    Hello Patsy,

    It’s been awhile since I last visited. I really like what you have done with this feathered wreath.

    The colours make the piece “glow”.

    One of these days, I’ll try using other threads.