Oct 30 17

More Playing With Rulers and Bears!



Here are 2 more ruler work arched swag border designs, the first of which is posted above.  These both begin with an identical ruler work framework, or “skeleton.”  This was created using the PTD 12arc ruler to stitch the “parent” arched swag, then using the PTD 6.5 arc for the “splayed” design in the bottom center area.  Here is what the empty framework looked like:



The first thing I did was to fill in every other section in the splayed channels that sprang from the bottom center of the design:



Next up, I quilted an upright featherette to fill the upper tapered channel area:



It looked ok but seemed to be missing something, so I hyperquilted the featherette to add a little “bling:”



I liked it better but something still seemed “off” to me.  I ended up adding 2 additional splay lines in the bottom center area, then filled in the central area.  This is what the final version of this one looked like at that point:




Sometimes, it’s surprising how much a little thing like that last maneuver can add!  The next shot below is another option for filling in that original skeleton.  The top section holds a waterfall featherette as opposed to the upright featherette in the earlier design:



I could just go on and on and on coming up with ways to subdivide arched swag “real estate!”


And look who was munching on acorns outside the front entryway this evening…



…he even came right up to our front porch and chomped away, as Ern and I stood watching just 2 feet away inside:



They really are beautiful animals, but we are happy to be on the other side of the door!


  1. Joan from Michigan's Upper Peninsula Says:

    Hi Patsy, I’ve been away from reading the various quilting blogs for quite some time, and finally caught up to yours. As always, your blog is my favorite and I’m happy to see you’re still doing feathers. Your quilting style remains my all-time favorite, except I’m not a fan of rulers. I just wanted to stop by and say hello and wish you a happy holiday season coming up. Joan

  2. Janice Says:

    Wonderful ideas as usual. I’m glad you were on the other side of the wall when the bear visited. Yes, they are graceful, but from a distance.

  3. Robbi Imhoff Says:

    Hi Patsy– As always I love your border designs. I am working on a red and white Christmas quilt and will be using some of the techniques you taught at the workshop in Ann Arbor this summer. So glad you were watching the bear from behind the glass!!!