Nov 29 17

Free Motion Quilting Play Time




I think that part of the key to developing free motion quilting skills is allowing one’s self the luxury of “free motion play time.”  This is time set aside just to mess around with quilting designs, with no goal other than to play.  Sometimes, removing the pressure of coming up with a completed project really allows one to develop creative ideas.  The “feathered football” above is an example of just messing around, somewhat aimlessly, with rulers.


Here is the ruler work framework (all done with the PTD 12 arc ruler):


At this stage, it reminds me of an eye, how about you?  I swapped to an open toe free motion foot and started the “fill-in” process:


Notice that featherettes always look a little different since the shape you are filling is never quite the same:


…and the final chain of pearls completes the fill-in:


Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.  I wasn’t able to upload any photos into my blog for the last 1 1/2 weeks, and there’s not much point to a blog post if there are no pictures.  I am happy to say that all has been fixed!  Expect more blog posts this week!

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  1. Suzy Webster Says:

    Fantastic as always! Now I need some playtime……lol